• The auction will last 24 hours.*
  • There are 888 $CAR available.
  • The top 888 bids will receive an NFT.
  • You may place 1 bid per wallet.
  • You must bid with wETH.
  • You may increase your bid at any time within the auction period.
*Auction time extends by 10 minutes if the rank of the top 50 bidders changes in the last 10 minutes
1. Download a wallet app — we recommend Rainbow or Metamask.
Create your wallet and store your private keys safely. Do not share these with anyone (even if they claim to be support!).
2. Buy ETH.
If you created a wallet with Rainbow, you can buy up to $500 of ETH directly in the app with a debit card in Apple Pay.
You can also purchase ETH on Coinbase and transfer the funds to your Metamask, Rainbow or other wallet. If you need to purhase more than $1,500 of ETH, you should do this 5-6 days in advance.
Once the auction starts we will provide an interface for you to exchange ETH for wETH. However, we encourage you to have wETH in your wallet prior to the auction starting so you will be ready to start bidding as soon as the auction starts. We recommend for exchanging ETH for wETH.
3. Connect to with your wallet when the auction goes live.
If you created a wallet with Rainbow, select WalletConnect and use Rainbow to scan the QR code shown to quickly and securely connect your mobile wallet to the auction site. If you created a wallet with Metamask, select Metamask to connect your wallet.
4. Place a bid!
You will be taken through necessary steps to wrap your newly-purchased ETH, approve our smart contracts, and place your bid.
5. Maintain your wETH balance (Bid validity)
If at any point during the auction your wETH balance drops below the value of your bid, then your bid will be invalidated. At the end of the auction, if your wETH balance is too low or you have revoked your approval for our smart contract, your bid will be skipped and you will not receive a $CAR fragment. You can add more wETH to your wallet at any time during the auction to reinstate an invalid bid.